What's On

A working party to help:

  •   Prune and clear the hedges away from the back of the BAA Shop and Association sheds
  •   Strim and rake the Wildlife Area grass
  • There are tasks for all abilities. With a team of volunteers it is surprising what can be achieved and the result is a tidier and more welcoming site for us all. As always there will be tea, coffee and cake available as well as a great time to meet other plot holders and committee members for an informal chat.


    Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

    You must be a BAA Member to register. There is no minimum age. All Children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 

    Where do we meet up and when?

    We will meet in front of the BAA Shop at the starting time where you can sign in so that the Committee can monitor attendance.

    What can I bring into the event?

    Please make sure you are suitably dressed with appropriate footware, and that you bring gloves with you. Basic tools such as secateurs, spades, loppers etc would be helpful (the Association does not have these yet). If you have strimmers or other powertools, these are used at your own risk and you must confirm with the Committee beforehand that you have read the manufacturer’s instruction manual and understand how to operate the machinery safely. IF you use power tools at a working party, you must wear all the protective clothing stipulated in the manufacture’s instruction manual. A basic risk assessment will be carried out in advance of each working party and will be available on request. There will always be at least one member of the Committee present who will have a mobile phone in case of any issues (name and number will be notified before each working party). If you are First Aid trained and will be at a working party, please let us know in advance. A First Aid box is kept in the BAA Shop.

    How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

    Get in touch here